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The signup process is quick and easy.

There are five short steps needed to set up your account:

Step 1    Create your User ID
Step 2    Create a Password
Step 3    Create a Personal Identification Number (PIN)
Step 4    Select a Security Image
Step 5    Create a Security Phrase

As our name implies, Secure Family Records takes information security very seriously.

Every input you provide to the system is encrypted* during the import phase and cannot be accessed by ANYONE who does not have your password or your
SplitPass **

You can change your Password, PIN, Security Image, Security Phrase, and SplitPass as often as you want to, as long as you know your active Password..

* Your data is encrypted using military grade 256 bit AES encryption with a unique salt function for each SFR user.
** SplitPass is patent pending technology available only to SFR Users.


30 day Guarantee
$36 per year