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About SplitPass

SplitPass is a patent pending technology that gives SFR Users a method to plan ahead and make arrangements to allow certain family members -- or other designated trusted parties -- to access their records, personal information, and business data in an emergency situation, without having to waste valuable time or incur unnecessary legal expenses.

SplitPass allows SFR Users to generate Key Sets that, when combined, serve as an alternate password that can be used to access their account upon certain predetermined conditions, and without the Users having to share their normal SFR Password or PIN.

SplitPass is a FREE optional security feature that is available only to SFR Users.

Typical Example of How SplitPass Can Help You

Sue and John are retired and live in a small town 1500 miles away from their only daughter. Both of them are active in the community and their church and they lead busy, productive lives.

They realize that their daughter will need to have access to their accounts and records at some point, but they aren't ready to turn their affairs over to her just yet. They prefer to keep the details of their finances and personal business to themselves for now.

If they are Secure Family Records Users, they can generate a SplitPass™. They can then give their SFR Username / Login ID and one key set to their daughter. They can give the other key set to the pastor of their church, to their attorney, to a friend or neighbor, or to several people they know and trust.

They should instruct the individual(s) holding the second key set that If anything happens to hinder their being able to take care of their own affairs, the key set they hold should be turned over to the daughter so she can combine it with her key to access their SFR account where all of their personal information and household business data is stored.

They should instruct their daughter to contact (the holder(s) of the second key set) if anything should happen to them.

In the meantime, Sue and John will enjoy their independence and their privacy, while having the peace of mind that their daughter will be able to find everything she needs to take care of their affairs when the time comes.


SplitPass for requires TWO "Keys". Each key is a computer generated set or string of 12 random characters (upper and lower case letters, numbers, and keyboard characters).

The two keys must be joined together to form an alternate password that will authorize access to a specific SFR account. It doesn't matter in which order the two keys are entered, but each key must be entered accurately and in its entirety. See the example below.

To log into your account using your SplitPass Keys in lieu of the password:
(2) BOTH Keys must be entered TOGETHER. Neither of the Keys will work alone.
(3) Your Username IS REQUIRED. (One of the trusted parties needs to know your Username.)
(4) Your password is NOT REQUIRED. (None of the trusted parties needs to know your password.)
(5) Your PIN is NOT REQUIRED. (None of the trusted parties needs to know your PIN.)


Generating a SplitPass gives you three important benefits:
(1) You can keep your personal information and other important data secure -- and KEEP IT PRIVATE -- as long as you are able and active.
(2) You have the assurance that your trusted parties can access your information IF NECESSARY.
(3) It's your safety net. It's an alternate access to your SFR account. In fact, it's your ONLY option if you forget your password, because we can't help you.

If you choose not to entrust your SplitPass keys to anybody else, then you should write both keys somewhere and safeguard them in two separate places (don't label them!) so that you will be able to use them to access your SFR account if you forget your password.

Secure Family Records with the exclusive SplitPass™ feature is a good solution for you if you do want to make it easier, faster, and less expensive for your family when the time comes for somebody else to take over your affairs ....... BUT you don't want to share all of the details of your private life and personal business while you're still able to take care of things yourself.

Even if you don't mind sharing your information with a trusted family member, it's bothersome (to both of you) to have to update him or her every time you change a password, open a new account, close an account, etc., and chances are very good that either you won't remember to do it, or you'll put off doing it until it's too late.

You can keep your privacy. You can stay in control of your affairs. You DO NOT have to divulge your password or your PIN. SplitPass can help to make things easier for you now, and for your family later. You can choose who will have access to your SFR account, and under what circumstances.

How it Works

After you create your SplitPass:
Give your SFR Username / Login ID and one of the key sets to an adult child or close relative who you would want to handle your affairs when the need arises. (You can give the same key set to several people, if you choose.)
Give the other key set (with or without your Username / Login ID) to a trusted friend, attorney, or business associate. (You can give the same key set to two or more trusted people, if you choose.)

You should instruct each of the trusted parties you have selected to hold your key sets to contact the others if anything happens to you that makes you unable to take care of your affairs.

The best way to give one of the SplitPass key sets to someone you trust is to meet with them privately, tell them the details and importance of the SplitPass key set and give the SplitPass key set and your Username / Login ID to them in person.

A reasonable way to send one of the SplitPass key sets to someone you trust is to call them and tell them the details and importance of the SplitPass key set. Then email them one of the SplitPass key sets as the ONLY thing in the body of the email and use "Here it is" or other "non meaningful" phrase as the subject of the email. Do the same for your Username / Login ID. You could also use the post office or special delivery services.

At least one of the trusted parties who has your key set ONE and at least one of the trusted parties who has your Key set TWO must coordinate and agree that it is necessary to use the two SplitPass keys according to the predetermined parameters you set, and then combine the key sets in order to gain access your SFR account.

If you choose not to share your Keys with trusted parties, it's still advisable to generate your SplitPass. Copy the two key sets accurately and store them separately (unlabeled) in a safe place for your own use, in case you forget your password. SplitPass is your the ONLY alternative access to your account, because we cannot help you if you forget your password.

Don't forget! Your Username / Login ID IS REQUIRED, in addition to the two keys, to authorize access to your account. The two Keys (combined) are an alternate authorization for both your current active password and your PIN, but your Username is still necessary for the login process. Remember to include your Username / Login ID with at least one Key set if you give your keys to trusted parties.


Security is our top priority at Secure Family Records. It ranks above "user friendly". We require that you have a password containing at least 12 characters composed of upper and lower case letters, numbers, and keyboard characters. It's a pain, but it really protects your information.

Your data is stored using AES-256 bit encryption with a unique salt function for each Secure Family Records user (including password, PIN, and SplitPass which are hashed first using a cryptographic hash function).

There is no cordial and perky "Forgot your Password?" link, because we cannot help you if you forget your password.

If you generate a SplitPass, it will be composed of TWO Key Sets. EACH of the sets will contain 12 characters composed of upper and lower case letters, numbers and keyboard characters. The two sets MUST BE COMBINED to create an alternate password composed of 24 characters that will authorize access to your SFR account.

You are welcome to research it and do the math to figure the chances that your password or SplitPass will be "hacked".

It goes back to "hacked" or "phished"?

The strongest password in the world will not protect you from yourself. If you share your password, the chances are very high that your account can be accessed!

Be sure to keep your password and PIN private. DO NOT divulge them ...... not even to your trusted parties.

If you have any doubts at all about any of your trusted parties, you should immediately change your SplitPass AND your trusted parties!

What Happens If . . . . .?

If your SplitPass is used to access your account, you will be sent an SFR Account Access Alarm immediately by email. It will give you the IP number, country, and date and time of access. This gives you a measure of assurance that the parties you have trusted to hold your SplitPass Keys won't use them until and unless it is necessary. You might want to tell them about this feature when you give them the key sets.

If you change your mind about any of the parties you have trusted to hold your SplitPass keys, you can change the Key Sets quickly and easily. Just go to your Profile Page and click Change SplitPass.

If you change your SplitPass Keys, it will have NO effect on your normal password or your PIN.

If you change your password or PIN, it will have NO effect on your SplitPass Keys.

If your SplitPass Keys are used to access your account, they CANNOT be used to change your password or your PIN. The only way to change your password is with your current password, which you should NOT divulge when you give your SplitPass keys to your trusted parties. This assures you that your trusted parties will not be able to use the keys to log in, change your password, and lock you out of your SFR account --- either by accident or on purpose.

If you generate SplitPass keys and do not write them down somewhere, we cannot help you. They are encrypted (except for the last three characters of each -- see note*** below) and stored with your account data. You can change your SplitPass keys anytime, as long as you know your password.

***The last three characters of each of your active SplitPass keys will be available for you to compare with your record of the last sets of keys you generated. This will clarify for you which key sets are active and are being replaced.

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